Tablet Coating Machine

Treating & Coating Tablet Press Tooling

Still, I will discuss some of the most common punch and die treatments in the market.

These may include:

1. Diamond Coating

  • The idea here is to introduce the properties of diamond to a punch and die system. Such tools are suitable for effervescent tablets.
  • Diamond-coated tools are generally abrasive-resistant and durable.
  • They don’t stick and their hardness is nearly 6 times more than the ordinary tablet presses.

2. Galvanic Chrome Treatment

  • This tablet press tooling is suitable for most standard tablet press applications.
  • In most cases, the coating is about 5 microns.
  • The coating is one of the most popular types of treatment in most pharmaceutical industries.
  • Another technique that is almost similar to the galvanic chrome treatment is physical vapor deposition (PVD).
  • Well, this procedure protects the tooling system of a tablet compression machine from wear and ensures better stability.
coating pan machine

3. Chrome Nitride Coating

  • The final surface of the tablet press tooling is better than the galvanic treatment.
  • It has a high quality to price ratio with enhanced wear protection.

4. Aluminum – Titanium Nitride or Titanium Nitride Coating

  • This treatment is known for its smooth finish and higher surface hardness.
  • Therefore, it is a perfect choice for most pharmaceutical tablet compression applications.
  • Apart from these, tablet compression tooling may be heat treated to enhance their performance.
  • Heat treatment is an essential process in the tablet press tool design.
  • By adopting a suitable treatment, you’ll be guaranteed excellent overall equipment efficiency (OEE).
  • Again, even as you go through all these processes, following the stipulated standards in the industry is still very critical.
  • This is why this subject may not be complete without an overview of the tablet press tooling standards.
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