Tablet De Duster

India's No.1 Table De Duster Manufacturer and Supplier

We are one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of Tablet De Duster. Tablet De Duster removes powder residues from the tablet after pressing making it an essential item and equipment for any production. The cleaning tablet is accomplished through vibratory impact. A well-trained team of skilled professionals manufactures this machine using fine-grade materials and intrusion methods. Tablet De Duster machine is pharmaceutical processing equipment that removes the fine surface dust from tablets by using a vibratory effect.

The machine can be linked directly to any type of high-speed tablet press. We delivered this Tablet De duster with standard technical specifications to cater to the needs of customers in various industries. Additionally, we offer this De Duster at a very nominal rate to our clients.

Tablet De Duster

Features of Tablet De Duster

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